CE National Event Registration System

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CE National is a Church Effectiveness ministry. Our mission is to be a catalyst for all believers to be trained and mobilized to be ON MISSION. CE National offers events such as Awakened, Operation Barnabas, Urban Hope trips to Philadelphia, Momentum Youth Conference, Streetwise, and much more.
Find out more at cenational.org.

Family Account Sign In

In order to streamline your registration whether you are registering multiple people or just yourself for an event(s),
every registrant must be a part of a “Family Account.”

But I'm just one person.

Individuals need to create a family account to register themselves for events.
The information in the family account is saved and only needs to be entered once.
Households with multiple registrants only need one Family Account for the entire household.

Create a family account or Sign in to an existing account.





The CE National Event Registration System


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